Chapin High School Presents:

TSSEC Pre-Concert Recital

Strive to be Happy, by Ivan Trevino

Performer: Zachary Ragland

Flute Trio, by Tcherepnine

Performers: Jason Case, Madi Mortensen, Jaiden Walker

Pratfalls, by Edward Freytag

Performer: James Diaz

On a Pastoral Theme, by George McKay

Performers: Madeline Acosta, Brianna Lucero, Ruby Medina, Hector Soto

And the Kitchen Sink, by Edward Freytag

Performer: Robert Quintanilla

Art of Fugue, by J. S. Bach, arr. Schmidt

Performers: Steven Perez, Alejandro Rosario, Kevin Volkmann

The Easy Winners, by Scott Joplin, arr. Edward Freytag

Performers: Kaleb Arce, Robert Ison, Carlton Melver, Jason Noe

Trio for Flutes, Op. 51, No. 1, by Berbiguier

Performers: Madalyn Hernandez, Ava Rios, Evelyn Sanchez

Suite for Trombones, by Carol Butts

Performers: Luis Celaya, Michael Kraft, Adrian Pineda, Jeffery Walls

Catching Shadows, by Ivan Tevino

Performers: Hector Fierro, Jakob Mendoza, Josh Procell, Zachary Ragland, Valen Rodrigue, Nathan Staats

March in F, by Gustav Holst, arr. David Gardner

Performers: Isaiah Delgado, James Diaz, Carlton Melver, Peter Fogel, Oriams Garcia, Nathan Guzman, Benjamin Miguel, Michael Leyva, Adrian Pineda, James Richardson, Marco Tollinchi


A special thanks to Coach Marsh and his administration for all of the support for the Fine Arts Programs and student success. 

Another thank you to Jordan Tibbets and his staff for ensuring our ensembles always have somewhere to rehearse and perform. 

A special thanks to our Instrument Facilitator, Julio Castillo, and our Fine Arts Director, Phillip Barraza.